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Pest Control Services for West Park, Florida

Captain Termite is a family operated business committed to professional, prompted and friendly service. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in Termite and Pest control treatments. We strive to use the least toxic yet most effective product on the market. We use all the latest technology and techniques to ensure that your home is safe from termites, rodents and pests. Our goal is not just to solve today’s problems but to ensure we prevent any upcoming infestations. At Captain Termite we are committed to making you part of our family and ensure that you are treated that way. We are dedicated to our one on one relationship with you!


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Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Captain Termite offer services for residential and commercial needs. We evaluate your problem to provide the best solution. Pest control can sometimes feel overwhelming with, but at Captain Termite, our team is here to protect you.


Our lawn service include all lawn pests so you and your family can relax in the Florida sun. We also provide lawn treatment for pest prevention.


Our pest control services provides you with a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial property and offer the best solution or preventative care for you. Captain Termite will make sure all you are back in control and not your pests.
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Birds, Mites & Bees

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Termite Infestation

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I called Captain termite for a pest control issue, and they came out and took care of the issue. They were great on the phone, from informing me about the treatment to scheduling and arriving on time; 100% recommended.

Daniela | 23 Aug 2022

- Daniela,

We are very happy with the service we receive by Captain Termite. Jorge has been our fumigator for a few years now and he never disappoints. Every time he comes, he always greets us with a smile and is willing to listen to our concerns when we have them. He is ready to work and provide us with the best service no matter how his day is going. GREAT Customer service is so hard to come by these days, especially with the way things are in our society. Jorge is an awesome representation of the company and is why we never think twice to refer Captain Termite to whoever needs their services. We have never had a bad experience. Thank you for being so great to us! We really do appreciate the service. Keep up the good work “CAPTAIN TERMITE" Finally there is a company where CUSTOMER SERVICE IS KEY!! We are very happy:-)

Nelva and Christina | 17 Aug 2022

- Nelva and Christina,

Captain termite is an awesome company! I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs their house tented! The staff is very professional and responsive to your needs, I had a great experience overall.   Alexis | 16 Aug 2022

- Alexis,

I am on the Board of Directors at a townhouse-like condo in the Ft Lauderdale area. The eight buildings required tenting for dry wood termites. This was no small task to coordinate and accomplish but thanks to the Captain Termite staff, the job was done both professionally and with care and courtesy to the community. I highly recommend Captain Termite and thank them for a job well done and appreciate their effort and help while providing their service to us.

Laura | 12 Oct 2021

- Laura,


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What pests does Captain Termite Solutions specialize in treating?
Captain Termite Solutions is your go-to expert for a wide range of pests, including termites, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. Our comprehensive services are designed to address all your pest control needs.
2. How do I know if I have a termite infestation?
Identifying a termite infestation can be challenging. Look for signs such as mud tubes, damaged wood, discarded wings, or hollow-sounding timber. If you suspect termites, contact us for a thorough inspection and customized treatment plan
3. Are your pest control treatments safe for my family and pets?
Yes, our pest control treatments prioritize safety. We use environmentally friendly and pet-friendly solutions to ensure the well-being of your loved ones. Our experienced technicians take every precaution to deliver effective yet safe pest management.
4. What sets Captain Termite Solutions apart from other pest control services?
Captain Termite is a family-operated business committed to professional, prompt, and friendly service, with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in termite and pest control treatments. We use the least toxic yet most effective products on the market and the latest technology and techniques.
5. Do you offer ongoing pest control maintenance plans?
Absolutely! Our ongoing maintenance plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of your property. From routine inspections to preventative treatments, we offer comprehensive solutions to keep pests at bay year-round.
6. How quickly can Captain Termite Solutions respond to a pest emergency?
We understand the urgency of pest issues. Captain Termite Solutions prioritizes quick response times, and our team is ready to address emergencies promptly. Contact us, and we’ll schedule a service visit at your earliest convenience.
7. Can I get a free estimate for pest control services?
Yes, Captain Termite Solutions offers free estimates for our pest control services. Reach out to us, and our team will assess your pest control needs, providing you with a transparent and competitive quote.
8. Are your services backed by any guarantees or warranties?
Absolutely! Our services come with satisfaction guarantees and warranties. We stand by the effectiveness of our treatments, ensuring that you receive the quality and peace of mind you deserve.

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