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Located in Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale FL, our Extermination & Ant Control Services are the best because we understand how ant infestation starts.

What Causes Ant Infestation?

An ant infestation can arise from various reasons, but one major cause is naturally occurring sources of sugar. Sugar attracts ants to your home, where they feed on sweets and begin their colony, leading to an infestation.

Other primary causes include plumbing leaks, outdoor pet food left outside, other pest control treatments applied too close, high humidity environments near water heaters or other moisture-rich areas.

How Do You Hire The Best Ant Extermination Services?

In addition to the various extermination services that Captain Termite offers, we can help you get rid of all kinds of pests in homes and buildings. But before hiring an extermination service, it is important to note some considerations so as not to end up with a company that are actually not good for your problem.

The extermination process requires collaboration between the extermination service and the client who needs this service. So before hiring an extermination company, it must first be clear what the job requirements are.

What Types Of Ants Live In Your Home?

Carpenter ants are one of the types of ants that may live in your home.
They are detected when their tiny saw-like jaws damage wood structures or by their characteristic strong, musky odor. They are attracted to moist foods and household smoke. They scavenge looking for food scraps. Thickets of foliage provide them with shelter in which they build colonies inside the heartwood of large trees, fallen logs, stumps, or piles of wet leaves near sources of water or sewage leaks. Sometimes these ants infest buildings where there is rotting wood in contact with the earth, walls near tree roots, holes drilled for cement plumbing pipes leading outdoors, etc.

Generally, there are three types of ants you can find in your home- the black sugar ant (Camponotus pennsylvanicus), the carpenter ant (Camponotus spp.), and the pharaoh’s ant (Monomorium pharaonis).
As their name implies, the black sugar ants like to forage on sugary substances like iced tea or honey. They deposit a microsyrupal gland secretion with honeydew molecules around any food they ingest. This assists in preserving their sweet foods and helps protect them from other organisms such as bacteria bet maintaining special relationships with fungi such as yeast and molds, which produce enzymes to help digest their food externally.

Why Should You Hire An Ant Exterminator Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

It is important to hire an ant exterminator because ants are well known for the diseases they carry.

Ants often come inside homes with food, carrying bacteria and germs picked up from outside. These germs can cause parasites, fungus, or even food poisoning. When someone starts cleaning up after an ant invasion, there is no way of knowing what types of germs await them in the corners of their home. That’s why it’s preferable to call a professional exterminator who knows how to combat these pests without risking contamination. Professional pest control companies have access to biohazard suits that will keep ants, fungus spores, and other contaminants off their skin, so they don’t bring these materials back into your home.

Why Use Captain Termite For Ant Extermination Services?

You should also hire an exterminator if you feel uncertain about where the nest is or if you are uncertain whether your pest problem even requires extermination. It would be best to consider hiring a professional when swarms of flying bugs are present in your home, and your children cannot spend time playing outside anymore.

Also, ants can live within difficult spaces like windowsills and vents; these areas may require specialized tools and methods that an exterminator would know how to best deal with. Finally, depending on the type of far, professionals often carry out treatment faster than those who try to do it themselves, saving both time and money in the long run!

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